Welcome to Derana Hume Pipes

Derana Hume pipes is an exclusive Manufactures and Suppliers of SPUN type R:C:C NP2, NP3, NP4 Hume Pipe, Concrete Septic Tank, Interlocking Block, Water tank & Sump, Fence Post, Cement Block & All Concrete products. Our unique On-site service allows us to setup a manufacturing facility near your development project. Giving you quick access to the materials and assured quality supply.

Derana Hume Pipes was established 8 years ago with a vision to become a dedicated supplier in the industry providing quality & on-time service. We have successfully completed several projects on-time to allow our development partners to complete their projects on-time or ahead of schedule.

We are a dedicated unit committed to quality with cheap cost and timely services. We do not compromise on our commitments & deliver better than your expectations. Call us and give us an opportunity to present you a quotation & credentials.