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Sri Lanka's leading Hume Pipes manufacture and other concrete products manufacture. We always focus on quality of our products and gaining trust of our customers by serving best services with best prices.

Hume Pipes

We manufacture and supply SPUN Type R.C.C. Hume Pipes required for water supply schemes, drainage works, pipe culverts etc for state & national road projects etc.

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Septic Tanks

We have introduce new All in One septic tank first time in Sri Lanka with more advantages for lowest cost. Derana Lanka has the Patent License for this All in One Septic tank as a N\new invention in Sri Lanka.

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Waste Water Collection Tanks

Waste water collection tanks act as the central point for all waste water produced in home or factory and will disburse it in to the underground water layer centrally.

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Paving Blocks

Brick or Block paving can be used anywhere. They look great on drives and will provide many years of service.

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Cement Blocks

Cement block, when reinforced with Cement columns and tie beams, is a very common building material for the load-bearing walls of buildings, in what is termed "Cement block structure" (CBS) construction.

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Cylinders / Well Rings

Derana Hume pipes has credibility as Contract supplier of Concrete cylinders in other words well rings to major projects in western province to strengthen the underground pillars of civil constructions.

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Concrete Products

Concrete flower pots, Statues, Tables, Water fountains, bird bath, Murals, Moonstones, Bridges, Wood type concrete logs and Garden sets, Foot path, Veranda pillars, Well rings, Paving slabs etc.

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Frequently Asked Question

As per the inner diameter of the tanks available we can explain usage period through a simple table as follows. You can adjust the usage period as per number of daily users in your family.

The cost of the Pit digging will vary from LKR 10,000 to 16,000 if it is done manually. The difference is due the hardness of the Soil layer. Any way the customer can hire a JCB and complete the digging for a lower cost.

Yes. DHP has 3 experience teams to carry out the Septic tank fixing for customers. But due to the supply capacity we always encourage customer to carry out the pit digging and fixing services themselves. The cost of the additional activities (Digging and Fixing) will vary between LKR 10,000.00 to 15,000.00.

Not exactly. Our team will do the full installation even without a boom truck being used. This will help customer to reduce the transport cost since the normal boom truck hiring cost will vary from LKR 200.00 to 350.00 per Km.

We at Derana hume pipes, use machine produced pipes to make septic tank under close quality supervision therefore the strength of the tank is guaranteed. Therefore it is not compulsory to use a boom truck for loading and unloading.

There are instances the tank being hand carry for more than 100m from the main road to the installation place. The cost of such activity is depend on how hard the task is. Customer can negotiate the rate for such activity with Derana team during the site visit.

Yes. There are handmade concrete pipes using 8 feet long iron molds or using four number of 2 feet well rings. All these septic tanks are known as low quality products at considerably low cost. Finally customer will get a same size tank with the same appearance but with less strength and water leakages.

“DERANA ALL IN ONE” is a patented septic tank solution by Derana Expertise to reduce the land usage for the septic tank solution. “DERANA ALL IN ONE” does not require and additional soakage pit to soak away the filtered water.

Please click here to know about “DERANA ALL IN ONE”

Derana Hume Pipes - Your Sanitation Partner
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