All in One Septic Tank

We have introduce new All in One septic tank first time in Sri Lanka with more advantages for lowest cost. Derana Lanka has the Patent License for this All in One Septic tank as a N\new invention in Sri Lanka.

All in One Septic tank features

  • Long duration period of usage without pumping.
  • Cheap unit cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Less space.
  • No need soakage pit.
  • Suitable for higher water table.

Septic Tanks

United RCC septic Tanks are made of high-quality rich concrete to assure you a maintenance-free, trouble-free functioning. And these are made to last many years and to withstand high load and vibrations. United Septic Tanks are not made with conventional molding methods. The tank is molded by using centrifugal force in a specially designed machine. The unique features of the Septic Tank are that it is provided with manholes with handles. There is also a drain valve which will be helpful for any maintenance needs.

How a Septic System Works.
A Septic system is the combination of a Septic Tank and a leaching system. A leaching system might be leach lines, leach beds or soakage pits. Sometimes the term "Cesspool" is used. Technically, a Cesspool has no Septic Tank upstream. Soakage Pits are also referred to as "Drywells". However typically handle no sewage. Drywells are used to re-introduce storm water into the ground.

Toilet waste from the home first enters the Septic Tank. Sewage enters at the top portion of the Septic Tank and exits at the top of the tank. It is in this liquid environment that bacteria do it's work of breaking down most solids into a liquid called effluent. Effluent exits the tank and enters the leaching system where it percolates (Seeps) back into the ground.

Septic Tanks are designed to handle all the normal, daily (24 Hour) effluent flow which a household can produce. Size of a septic tank depends on the number of members. There are advantages to installing a larger Septic Tank. Longer detention times, (due to the larger capacity), permit better separation and less carry-over of scum and sludge and tend to prolong life of the leaching system.