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Civil Constructions


With experience in the industry and the engineering background of the founder of the company, Derana Hume Pipes expanded its operations from Hume pipe manufacturer civil construction segment.

Construction of Drain Systems including laying of Hume Pipes, back filling and site clearance

We provide a trusted sub-contractor service for draining system planning to completing and back filling of the land at a lower cost with a warranty for the system for one year. The total cost of the project is very competitive due to the fact that the Concrete Hume pipes comes from our own manufacturing plants.

Septic tank and water sump installation services

We have three well experienced teams to undertake tank installation projects at any part of the country.

Design and Construction of tailor made Septic tanks as per customer specifications

Derana Hume pipe the only Patented Septic tank producer in Sri Lanka has the service of constructing tailor made Septic tanks inside your premises. This service is required to take the maximum capacity from a small land potion allocated for septic treatment system. Our civil engineering team will visit your location and provide the total service including planning and designing to deployment.

Waste water and Septic water treatment plants using latest technological devises under a warranty

“Derana Sanitation” is another sub segment which provide a premium service for hotels and factories to design their waste water and Septic treatment plants to dispose the waste water in their operation process. Some of the photos from Derana Sanitation work has been uploaded to the web site separately.

All other civil construction related work

Derana Hume pipes under its registered name DHP Holdings (Pvt) LTD work as a trusted contractor and a third party sub-contractor to do civil engineering projects at any capacity.

Onsite Services
  • Our unique service establishing a R.C.C. Hume Pipe manufacturing unit near your development project gives you greater access and availability of our products & technical oversight.

    We can do this for bulk quantity only & clean setup a manufacturing facility within 30 to 50 days to fulfill all your requirements of R.C.C. Hume Pipes for the development project.

  • R.C.C. Hume Pipe Manufacturing Unit
    Water tank for curing
    Quality testing equipment
    Storage area
    Transportation Services

We are committed to provide products & on-time services

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