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Cylinders / Well Rings


Derana Hume pipes has credibility as Contract supplier of Concrete cylinders in other words well rings to major projects in western province to strengthen the underground pillars of civil constructions . Our quality in the production, and the reinforcement strength coupled with engineering knowledge has made Derana Hume Pipe the only trusted partner in Concrete cylinder segment. Dearana Hume Pipe has reinforced and Non reinforced well rings at all required sizes.

Onsite Services
  • Our unique service establishing a R.C.C. Hume Pipe manufacturing unit near your development project gives you greater access and availability of our products & technical oversight.

    We can do this for bulk quantity only & clean setup a manufacturing facility within 30 to 50 days to fulfill all your requirements of R.C.C. Hume Pipes for the development project.

  • R.C.C. Hume Pipe Manufacturing Unit
    Water tank for curing
    Quality testing equipment
    Storage area
    Transportation Services

We are committed to provide products & on-time services

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